Godot Wild Jam #22/Pig Poppa Postmortem Video

Hey everybody! I released a video on my YouTube channel that talks about what I learned from participating in the Godot Wild Jam #22 and creating Pig Poppa. It goes a little bit more in depth over what I already covered in the text devlog with some visuals & gameplay to suit! I talk a little about why I created Pig Poppa and talk a lot about what Pig Poppa/doing game jams taught me about my work/life balance.

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Pig-Poppa_LINUX_first-build.zip 36 MB
Jun 21, 2020
Pig-Poppa_MAC_first-build.zip 34 MB
Jun 21, 2020
pig-poppa_first_build.zip 34 MB
Jun 21, 2020

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