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Ever thought "I want to play badminton, but the stakes just aren't high enough"? Well think again: in Fragminton, you play for your life!

In Fragminton, the shuttlecock has been replaced with a frag grenade. Instead of losing points, you lose health. Deplete your enemy's health and then hit the kill shot to blow them off the court: get 2 frags to win!

Pre-Alpha Features:

  • 4 different courts to play on
    • Various court side crowd members & level props to interact with
  • 3 game modes to choose from
    • Standard: 3 round bout against an AI opponent
    • Training: no damage/unlimited gameplay to practice against an AI opponent
    • Special Mode: 3 round bout against an AI opponent w/ special shot modifiers randomly given every 10 bouts)
  • Keyboard/mouse & controller support
    • NOTE: Menu navigation currently only supported using KB/M
  • Main menu/pause menu with basic audio/video settings
  • Upbeat background music
    Click to view controls
    • Pause Game:
      • Controller: Special right
      • Keyboard: Esc
    • Switch Camera:
      • Controller: Top face button
      • Keyboard: T
    • Toggle FPS (in game):
      • Keyboard: F8
    • Movement
      • Controller: Left analog stick
      • Keyboard: WASD
    • Shot aim
      • Controller: Right analog stick
      • Keyboard: Mouse
    • Back swing:
      • Controller: Left trigger
      • Keyboard: Left mouse Button
    • Front swing
      • Controller: Right trigger
      • Keyboard: Right mouse button
    • Serve
      • Controller: Right shoulder button
      • Keyboard: Left shift
    • Activate special
      • Controller: Bottom face botton
      • Keyboard: F


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Version 1

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Appreciate the video and review, thanks for playing! Please let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions, I welcome any feedback I can use to improve the game!