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Pickup Truck WTF is an off the wall racing game where players control a character riding a mini truck doing crazy tricks and dodging obstacles while barreling towards the finish line!


This project is an early prototype/proof of concept. It features:

  • Singleplayer & multiplayer (no central server - currently only for local games)
  • 2 characters
  • 4 tricks to execute that give you boost
  • 2 tracks:
    • The first is a shorter track set in an industrial wooded area
    • The second is a longer track that's more of an obstacle course set in a mountainous area.
  • Basic race AI
  • Falling boulders, revolving paths, and more obstacles to tackle
  • Ability to slap other racers away
  • Practice arena
  • Vehicle color customization
  • Instrumental menu music + 2 in-game tracks
  • Basic audio/video settings menu
  • Controller & keyboard support (controller recommended)


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  • Driving:
    • Forward: W or Up / Gamepad Right Trigger
    • Brake/Reverse: S or Down / Gamepad Left Trigger
    • Turning: A + D or Left + Right / Gamepad Left Thumbstick X-Axis
    • Handbrake: Spacebar / Gamepad Face Button Left
    • Boost: Left Shift / Gamepad Face Button Bottom
  • Tricks (in the air):
    • Handstand: Hold 1 & Press F / Hold Gamepad D-pad Down & Press Gamepad Left Shoulder
    • Reach: Hold 2 & Press F / Hold Gamepad D-pad Up & Press Gamepad Left Shoulder
    • Superman: Hold 3 & Press F / Hold Gamepad D-pad Left & Press Gamepad Left Shoulder
    • Dancer: Hold 4 & Press F / Hold Gamepad D-pad Right & Press Gamepad Left Shoulder
  • Other:
    • Reset vehicle: Z / Gamepad Special Left
    • Pause game: Escape / Gamepad Special Right
    • Melee:
      • Right slap: H / Gamepad Right Shoulder
      • Left slap: G / Gamepad Left Shoulder


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Pickup Truck WTF - Build 1 (Win x64)


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Please build for linux

No promises but I'll see what I can do!

thanks bro