Tetrivoice; a game that will pioneer a path forward in videogames on a scale never seen before. Combining crisp three-dimensional graphics with the power of voice, Tetrivoice breaks the physical barrier between you and the game. No longer are you restrained to your human bodies and slow physical reaction times. Now you can tell your game exactly what you want it to do.

As the brilliant yet humble creator of Tetrivoice I am graciously giving away this game and the source code free of cost. While I could make millions of dollars if I were to merchandise it, I believe that it is imperative that the public have access to this powerful, landscape changing piece of technology. Please use responsibly; I cannot and will not be held accountable for any negative or positive effects this technology has on you or your equipment (no matter how vast of a fortune one stands to gain).

Google Chrome is currently the only supported browser. Refer to this documentation for enabling experimental Firefox support and this documentation for checking compatibility of other browsers.

Find the source code here: https://github.com/elocnatsirt/tetrivoice

Follow me on Twitter (@elocnat) for updates on Tetrivoice and other cool projects!

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I couldn’t get my voice recognised. Even with Chromium (thanks for the link to Firefox documentation).

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Sorry to hear that, but thanks for trying! From what I remember testing on my Ubuntu installation (where I did not want to install Chrome initially), Chromium did not work for me either. While Firefox worked once the settings changes were made, it seems to only recognize one word/phrase and then stop listening. If you want to confirm this you can open up the browser console and it should be relaying any recognized words/statements back to you.

As far as I know these issues are due to current limitations in the Web Speech API and Firefox not working with continuous recognition. I want to continue improving the game so I will be attempting to swap to a universal voice recognition API and try to ensure it's working in as many browsers as possible. 


The attitude of the description really does it for me. Very enjoyable experience :)


Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it!