Off-Killter Update Sneak Peek!

I've been working on Off-Killter during the ongoing voting period of VR-JAM 2020 and wanted to share a sneak peek with you!

You might have seen my last gameplay video which was a quick and dirty representation of the 'final product' I submitted to the jam. Like that build, the video was not representative of what I wanted Off-Killter's prototype to look like. I wanted to share an update as soon as I had made any significant progress in order to not lose anybody's interest because of the game's rough state.

The major updates for this video include correctly mirroring the replay avatar, smoothing game transitions, clearly outlining the selected suspect replay, and most importantly the addition of a restart button!

Follow me on itch and Twitter for more updates on Off-Killter. Be sure to check back on the 23rd when VR-JAM 2020 voting is over and the updated build showcased in the video is released!

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