Requires a VR headset!

Playing as a QA tester at Killter Innovations, your job is to spot defects in newly manufactured robots. You have to make three recordings that the new robots will playback to verify their functionality as they roll off the assembly line. Once you start the factory you can observe the assembly line from the control panel. If you see a defective robot you must move the crane over it and press the big red button to select it.


  • Use the left motion controller and touchpad to teleport.
  • Use the right motion controller touchpad to rotate the camera.
    • Try to keep facing forward and rotate by only using hand controls
  • Use the right trigger to select UI buttons.

Tips & Notes

  • Currently only tested in Firefox using the HTC Vive.
    • Comment and let me know what setup you are using and if the game/certain aspects work or not.
  • Currently the game works best if you are always facing forward (with the exception of recording) and use the motion controllers for camera rotation and navigation.
  • If you're not standing in the middle of your play space while recording, the crane might not recognize the avatar you have selected.
  • Bad FPS might = fast forwarded/slowed down replays/recordings.

I made Off-Killter for two game jams I wanted to join that were overlapping:

  • Initial concept/prototype created in less than a week for VR-JAM 2020.
  • Developed into a real game for submission to Community Jam!

Off-Killter is open source and available on GitHub under the WTFPL license.

  • Written in JavaScript/HTML.
  • Built with A-Frame on WebVR.

Follow me on Twitter (@elocnat) for updates on Off-Killter and other cool projects!

Development log


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