Updated physics & more polish!

Howdy folks!

Veehickle has received some long overdue updates including some changes to the physics & various small quality of life fixes. Check out the full patch notes below!

Physics Changes

The project now uses substepping (thanks to the MMT_Plugin) so that physics remain accurate at all framerates.

Hovercraft physics now properly reset when respawning.

Updated suspension values so hovercraft is more stable over jumps.

General Gameplay Changes

Added a main menu map with changing background for level selection.

Added sound cue when UI buttons are clicked.

Added particle effect, sound cue, and some screen shake when hovercraft lands.

Added separate menu music track.

Added music toggle option on main menu.

The Farm: add trees in main level, sculpt some of the background landscape, add UIWS + update water material.

Other Fixes

Fixed some UI alignment issues.

Add attenuation so that sounds are localized to immediate area (like fence breaking).

Until next time...



veehickle-windows-stable.zip 423 MB
Version 7 Dec 14, 2020

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