Veehickle goes to The Farm and gets boosted!

I've spent some time working on Veehickle the past week. This update includes a brand new map, some physics tweaks, a new gameplay pickup, and some other small fixes/additions.

There are Windows/Mac/Linux builds available. I have confirmed the Windows build works and that the Mac build launches. Please report any issues you run into.


New Map - The Farm

The Farm is a map representing a small homestead with some new obstacles to play around and explore.

You can now swap between "The Trailer Park" and "The Farm" maps via the Main Menu.

Added Boost

There's a new boost ability! You begin with 35% boost and can get more by running over the "NITRO" pickups around the level.

Press "SHIFT" or use the front left shoulder button on your controller to use boost.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added small camera feedback when getting shot
  • Added camera feedback when boosting.
  • Updated deathmatch end screen to reflect winner correctly.
  • Tweaked physics substepping to try and normalize settings.
  • Tweaked gravity value to make player feel heavier.
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