Veehickle Version 2 Released -- two new modes!

I've been working a bit on Veehickle this week and I wanted to go ahead and share the progress I've made. This update includes two brand new game modes, some bug fixes, and various gameplay/quality of life improvements.


Two NEW Game Modes

In addition to Survival, there are now two more game modes to play:

  • Freeroam - freely explore Veehickle Trailer Park!
  • Deathmatch - see how many kills you can get before the time runs out!

Gameplay Improvements

  • Mid-air hovercraft left/right rotation control
  • Added enemy heath bars for better hit indication
  • Added basic scoreboard to track kills (and deaths in deathmatch)
    • The scoreboard can be accessed with TAB or the left special button on your controller in deathmatch or survival.
  • Updated shader settings to lessen outline noise

Bug Fixes

  • Camera no longer clips through ground or objects
  • Bots display correct names in killfeed


Coming Soon!

I want to focus on finishing up the basic experience for Veehickle. This includes ensuring that the enemies chase each other during deathmatch, I finish the hovercraft models, update the enemy physics/collisions, and spruce up The Trailer Park level with some more destructible/explodable objects and Easter eggs.

I am planning on getting a stable Linux (and hopefully Mac) build uploaded as soon as possible.

Until then...


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Version 2 Jun 28, 2019

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