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TCPD is currently in active development & in an ALPHA state. New builds are published at certain milestones for testing but are NOT representative of the final state of the game. I am actively looking for feedback to improve the game!

** TCPD plays best with a controller! **


Ever wanted to kickflip a car?! Tristan Cole's Pro Driver blends together the fast paced action of combo based extreme sports games & the breakneck speeds of racing games to create a genre-bending driving experience like you've never seen before.

In TCPD you're a stunt driver for hire and willing to take on any paying gig that gets you closer to buying that new set of wheels; taxiing passengers around town, completing todo lists, winning races, and more! Drive fast & with a lot of style to impress your customers as you wheelie, drift, flip, grind, and do crazy aerial stunts in traffic.

Challenge other drivers in a variety of multiplayer modes to show off your style & prove that you're the best stunt driver on the streets!

Alpha Features

  • Singleplayer & multiplayer game modes!
    • SP modes include:
      • Free Ride - stunt around your choice of map & explore with no time limit!
      • Passenger Delivery - pickup & deliver passengers as quickly as you can while doing stunts to earn tips and a higher rating!
      • Objective Mode - ride around and find items, score points, or do whatever else you're tasked wit  to complete your mission!
      • Checkpoint Race - race through the checkpoints and try to get the fastest time possible!
    • MP modes include:
      • Free Ride - grab some friends to stunt around & explore without time limits together in your choice of map!
      • Trick Attack - round based PvP; get the highest score in the time limit to win!
  • Large open map!
    • LATC - features a big center campus surrounded by apartments, offices, & shops! Weave through traffic, smash through obstacles, and hit big air off the ramps to make it to the roofs!
  • Three custom vehicles to drive!
    • Tuner sedan - the drift king!
    • Muscle coupe - a street machine!
  • Hand curated soundtrack!


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TristanColesProDriver-Alpha_PostIRF2023-HittablesHotfix_build-3.3.zip 1 GB
Version 13

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For some reason my PS4 controller isn't being recognized 

Sorry to hear that! Are you using DS4Windows? Both my PS4 & PS5 controllers work with that, but I have not tested the game without DS4Windows yet, so I'll have to do some testing to see if I can replicate the issue. Appreciate you letting me know & thanks for giving it a go!


Will download this soon! Hopefully it will run on my emulation/media mini PC (Win 10 64-bit with integrated graphics).

Sweet, let me know what you think!

Honestly I have no idea if it will run with integrated graphics so that would be good to know. The tutorial level is the least complex so it should perform better, LATC is very unoptimized as it's still very WIP currently. Interested to hear your experience!


I've been watching you build this on twitter for awhile now, I'm excited to run into this page on "newest", up and running! It's looking wonderful so far. I will download and play this weekend when I have proper time. Cheers!

Thank you; can't wait to hear what you think!